My wonderful P1-4 children

This is not how I expected our year to end. I am very sad that I won’t get to see your smiley faces every day and will miss you all.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have you in my class and we have laughed and learned so much together.

I know it is a difficult time but i am proud of each and every one of you and i know that you will continue to have lots of fun making up new games and activities to keep you busy.

I don’t want any of you to worry about school work, you will catch up and i will ensure you all reach your huge potential.

Take time to run, walk, cycle, read and laugh.

I look forward to having fun with our new online learning experiences. We are in this together!

Do not stress about school work and as i say often – just try your best.

You can contact me on the Virtual learning wall or by messaging me on the google hangouts.

Make the most of the special time at home with your families.

Know that i am missing you and look forward to seeing you back at school.

To all the parents, thank you for your support, strength and trust this week.

Stay safe and stay positive.

Mrs Bilsland

Wonderful World Book Day!

What an amazing day!

The children were treated to a fantastic day. The hall so beautifully decorated by parents was a real feast for the eyes.

Children visited the hall in groups and took part in activities such as story telling, biscuit decorating and alien model making.

Another group created dream jars and some children took part in a World Book day quiz.

The biggest thank you to our wonderful parents who put so much work and effort into creating such a super day.

Music Festival

I could not be more proud of our superstars! A huge well done. You gave it your all and performed so well.

We spoke a lot about team work, having fun and doing our best and what a team Primary 1-4 were.

A big thank you to Mrs Murray for playing the piano and also to parents and family for coming along to support the class.



Victorian TASC project


We have been learning about toys in Victorian times. The children decided they would like to make toys of their own using the same materials used in Victorian times. This meant no plastic and certainly no technology!

In groups the children researched Victorian toys before planning and deciding on a toy of their own to invent.

Afterwards came the fun part as they set their own success criteria and began to make the toys.

Finally the children presented their toy inventions and then evaluated. They thought about what they might do differently next time and came up with 3 things that they felt they had learned.

Next we are going to create our own Snakes and Ladders games.