Christmas Lunch


Elfred is back!!!!!

Mrs Bilsland was very upset to find out today that she is on the naughty list!

P3/4 seem to have all made the nice list.

Elfred is back to create havoc!

Today he had taken all of our shoes and put them in a pile in the classroom!


It was the turn of P3/4 to take the school assembly last week. We chose to talk about ‘random acts of kindness’ and how the little things we can do can make a big difference.


We have also been finding out about the work behind MFR Mission Christmas appeal.

We hope to support this by gathering gifts and helping to ensure that every child in our community has a present this year.

Thank you to those who have donated so far. We really appreciate your help.




It was lovely to see Edward again last week and he now has two teeth! We found out all about how important it is that he brushes his teeth even though he is so young. We also noticed that he has grown and is smiling at us now.