We have been reading a lovely story called ‘Silly Billy’ and talking about what worries us. Just like the character in the story we set to work making our own worry dolls. Lots of children then decided to create beds also for their dolls. I’m quite sure all dolls are going to be very happy in their new homes!

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Star Writers!

This week we have been using the story maps we created to write our own stories. The children have worked so hard with some amazing results.

Ella and Ria are our star writers. Super work girls. Ria had some very imaginative ideas during discussion work.

Ella was able to use her story map and write and spell her story all by herself.

Virtual learning wall

A huge thank you to the 3 children who have logged onto the wall correctly and checked Sumdog logins. If you haven’t yet had a chance please do so. There are instructions on the wall and these were also emailed out last week to you. If you do not do this you will not be able to access homework next term. Thank you

Term 2 homework

Please follow the instructions emailed out so that we can ensure every child is able to access homework next term. You must use your child’s email address to sign into the Virtual learning wall otherwise they will not be able to access the google classroom work set. Please also check Sumdog logins. I will email out the P1 logins for Sumdog. Thank you

This week…

Welcome to a new week. New sounds and sight words have been posted on the learning wall for Primary 1-3. Please try to go over these with your child every day. This week we are working with numbers to 1000. Primary 1 have been counting and working on recognising numbers to 10 through their play. Primary 2/3 are working hard on numbers to 100 – counting, recognising and ordering and Primary 4 have been sequencing 4 digit numbers. Today we discussed what it feels like to be grumpy and we read a super story ‘The bad mood hunt.’ We talked about the different things we can do to turn a grumpy mood into a better mood. The children had some fantastic ideas: ‘Go for a walk’ ‘Play with a friend’ ‘Count to 100’ ‘Dance’ ‘Have a cuddle with Mum’ We also did some yoga and listened to music as we did some lovely art work.